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Whale Guardian Brush


We're giving away 25% of proceeds from sales of the Whale Guardian Brush to the Toowú Latseen School Project, a training group for Lingít indigenous youth, based on the old warrior's code and traditions but evolved with radical love and healing.

The Whale Guardian Brush was designed in collaboration with Lingít, Filipina, and Kanienkehá:ka activist, storyteller, and artist, Maka Monture Paki | Keixé Yaxtí. 

Whale Guardian Brush Intention: Guided by the rhythm of migration, whales teach us harmony in motion. In their wisdom, we find strength in community. As they compose songs of connection we learn from their poetry with humility. Our hearts resonate with their existence as we cherish their role as guardians of the ocean's spirit.

Whale Guardian Brush Mantra: I am very much a new thing in the folds of the world. Our Ancestors, let them carry me on their backs. The stars are guiding me, the way that they shine upon me. 

Tlax̱ ḵúnáx̱ yées átx̱ x̱at sitee yá Lingitʼaaní g̱eixʼ. Haa Léelkʼu Hás áwé has x̱at gag̱ayaa. Wé ḵutx̱.ayanahá át yaa x̱at shunagút aadé ax̱ kát kawdigani yé.

(Translation by X̱’unei Lance Twitchell, M.F.A., Ph.D.)




The FREE YOUR HAIR Brush was designed with the intention of bringing Personal Alignment, Joy, Self-Care, Abundance and Connection into your daily life, one brush stroke at a time.

Uniquely engraved with a limited edition design, your brush arrives pre-oiled and conditioned.

Softened, irregular bristles move oils through from scalp to ends, bringing health and balance to all parts of your hair and scalp.


*The bristles on our brushes start stiff and soften up beautifully over time, so use gently at first on very sensitive scalps.

Classically mixed all-vegan bristles are made with nylon on a rubber cushion bed and beech-wood handle. Engravings are hand painted with acrylic paint and brushes are oiled with jojoba oil. Designed for all hair types, including coarse curls and kinks! The FREE YOUR HAIR Brush is for everyone.

Keep brush in a cool dry place, remove buildup manually from cushion bed, and be sure to keep the wood oiled especially through the warm and cold seasons.

High temperatures may cause brittleness, excessive wearing and bristle loss.

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