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The best way to clean your brush is manually, gently using your fingers and/or a comb to remove hair and buildup from bristles and cushion bed.

We recommend cleaning your brush more thoroughly once a season, by spraying brush cushion bed with warm water and a dash of castille soap and gently combing through it to remove buildup. Repeat if necessary until buildup has been removed.

Treat your brush gently and it will last longer. Water can warp the wood and weaken glue, so we no longer recommend soaking your brushes.

Oil the wood of your brush occasionally to keep it strong and in good condition. Just a few drops will do!

Our classic brushes are 9" by 3.25 wide and our mini brushes are 7" by 2.

The brush is your mechanical cleanser. It does the physical work of shampoo, without stripping your natural oils, and with the added benefit of incredible scalp stimulating and circulation boosting ability.

Start by swapping out one shampoo a week with a nice long brush session before you shower or bathe. Brush your dry hair slowly from all angles, working the natural oils through from scalp to ends. Then rinse with warm water, and condition your ends if needed.

For the love of goddess yes. One of the main reasons I started this company was to encourage curly people to brush their hair and bring nourishment and health to their scalps. Curly people need it the most! This brush was made for you. You have permission to brush it all the way out.

No, the FREE YOUR HAIR Brush is not designed to be used with heat, doing so will cause it to deteriorate quickly.

Any natural plant-derived oil is fine! We recommend a high quality single oil or low oil blend with no additives.

Some of our favorites are jojoba, olive, avocatdo, castor, rose hip, and sunflower.

When oiling the wood of your brush, just use a few drops and do not oil the cushion bed or seam. Just the wood. Go slow, be careful. This is a sacred tool and you want it to last.

The bristles are made of 100% nylon. The short bristles mimic the size and density of natural boar hair, and are meant to move oil and smooth hair like a natural bristle but without the animal cruelty.

If your hair and scalp are not used to regular brushing with a mixed bristle brush, you can expect sensitivity at first. Ease into it, knowing that your brush will soften over time and your scalp will get stronger and more resilient. Be patient!

Beech wood. The wood is hard and non-porous and very durable.

No, we do not accept returns or exchanges. See our returns and exchanges policy.

We sure do! Please contact us for more info via or fill out our Wholesale Form here.

Yes! We occasionally have a free shipping weekends and other discounts! Those would all be promoted on our Instagram so follow us at @roxiejanehunt and @freeyourhairbrush

If you see it on the site, we do plan to restock it! If you no longer see the design then it has been discontinued.

The Free Your Hair Brush is made with beech wood that comes from Eastern Europe, rubber and nylon manufactured and assembled in Northern China, and hand finished in Los Angeles, CA.

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